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Meal Orders for March until June 2018
Dear Parents,

Friendly reminder to place your lunch orders for March and also for the rest of the school year!

Don’t forget to plan meal orders to use up all remaining credits. Any leftover credits are non-refundable or transferable to the following year.

Have a wonderful and restful spring break!!
Nutrition Month!
March is Nutrition Month all across Canada. This year we are exploring all the potential of our food and understanding that it is more than just an edible item! Food has the potential to fuel, to heal, to be discovered and to bring us all together; which brings us to this year's theme: Unlock the Potential of Food. For more information, visit: nutritionmonth2018.ca

ALSO...Friendly reminder to place your lunch orders for March and also for the rest of the school year!
Order lunch from March to June
Dear Parents,

Online lunch orders are ready to be made for the Spring. Once orders are placed, we take care of the rest! Menu open from March to June 2018

Snow Day - January 23
Dear Parents,

Hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful snow day on January 23!

Please note that all meals, which were ordered for that day, have been credited.

Friendly reminder, the month of February is open for orders (especially February 2)

Le Mini Bistro
Modification to February's Lunch Calendar
Dear Parents,

Please note a change in the February calendar. February 5 is a board-wide PED day (teacher's day) with no Mini Bistro Service.

All orders which were placed on that day have been cancelled and credited.

February 2, which was blocked, is now open for orders. Please enjoy either the Cheese Tortellini or the Turkey Breakfast Sandwich selection we have for that day!

Le Mini Bistro