Le Mini Bistro English Montreal School Board


Participating schools

Below is a list of English Montreal School Board elementary schools offering Le Mini Bistro lunch service.

Elizabeth Ballantyne

314 Northview St. Montréal West, Qc H4X 1E2

Gerald McShane

6111 boul. Maurice Duplessis Montréal Nord, Qc H1G 1Y6


1475 Deguire Saint-Laurent H1H 5G8

St. Dorothy

8961 6th Avenue Montreal H1Z 2T7

St. Monica

6440 Terrebonne St. Montréal, Qc H4B 1B1

Westmount Park North Campus

5100 Cote St Luc rd Montreal, Qc H3W 2G9

Westmount Park South Campus

6255 Hamilton Street Montreal, QC H4E 3C5

Willingdon Junior Campus

5870 Terrebonne Ave. Montréal, Qc H4A 1B5

Willingdon Senior Campus

4850 rue Coronation Montreal, QC H4V 2E2

School Distribution

View and print daily tabulation list of meals ordered, for school personnel. Please contact Nutrition and Food Services for access.

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